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Our life is never been easier than today as we have ton of tools for managing our business, our daily tasks and our projects. We now have many free or paid services to choose for making our lives easier. Thanks to the cloud computing systems, we will never need to manually move our projects from one laptop to another. Everything on the cloud is accessible by every device we use. Among those tools, I collected some useful stuff for your daily design works.


Flow is a simple service for your team. It’s a project collaboration tool. You can use Flow app to sync with all of your devices and computers to manage your tasks on the go. UI is also simple and you can even integrate with your email so you can finish your tasks from your inbox. Flow is not a free service though; it will cost US$9.99 per month but discounts available for teams of 3+ people.


Evernote is the best note app out there. You can use Evernote in many different ways; you can save your ideas, draw your sketches, save your contacts and potential customers’ data, save your password as a locker etc… You can also use Evernote browser add-ons and easily save everything you found on the internet. Evernote can sync to all your devices so you can access to your account easily. Evernote is free for 60MB per month of storage. You can also upgrade for US$13 per month for more premium features and more storage.


With Dropbox, file sharing is never been easier. Sending the final large-size files to your customers may be a nightmare for you. The attachable file sizes on emails are limited. With dropbox, you can easily upload your files and share it with your customers or team members. You can also use Dropbox as a cloud-based backup system. Free for 2GB storage and if it doesn’t enough for you, you can upgrade to pro for 100GB storage with monthly fees of US$9.99.

Alternative Service: Google Drive


Morpholio is a great way to showcase your portfolio easily. It has a beautiful interface to show your portfolio to your potential customers, your team members and other creative people through the community it created. Morpholio is a free tool and it’s also a cloud-based so you can easily access your portfolio from everywhere.


Todoist is a cloud-based to-do list app, which can available for your browsers, android and iOS devices. There are a number of task management tools to compete with Todoist but I like the way Todoist can handle the repeated tasks. You can create tasks by every last Friday of the month, every two days, every Wednesday or every last day of the month etc… This is a very useful feature for people like me who need to do the same tasks over and over again.

These tools are my favorites that I use daily to make my Designer life easier. Please feel free to comment your favorite tools you want to add in the list.


I work for Pixellion as UI/UX designer.

Yangon, Myanmar

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