Tips to create designs for better user experience

Nowadays, in the age of digital media, applications and websites need more than better designs, better performance and features. They also need to be better usability. Your application is very good in features and it’s essential for the users but if they can’t use it easily, they won’t want to use your app anymore and your competitors will win. I don’t mean that your app design is not great. In the most cases, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are the whole different things. Here are some tips for you to create designs better user experience.

Don’t be just a designer, be a user

For better UX, you have to know how your users are using your product. Sometimes the placement of some buttons you think the best for the design can cause the worst user experience. The best way to know how your users will respond to your design is to become a
user. Use your product (app or website) by yourself before you finish it up and experience the usability. As more and more websites, mobile devices and tablets started popping up; users weren't as willing or patient to "learn" on their own. Be a user before they get angry.

Tell a story

Try to tell a story to your users through your design. Try to not only draw their attention to your product, but also teach them how they can use it. By story telling you can bring your users further into your site or app, and makes them to get the best experience.

Design for the specific user types

Don’t just create your design for a user. You have to think about the group of users. You have to know that why people come to your site or download your app, and create goals around them. Youtube is the best example. Youtube knows why you come to their site and pops up the related videos to make sure you don’t leave.

Less is more

You may hear about this. But most sites and apps are still doing this wrong. What “Less is more” really means is that you need to cut down unnecessary steps to make sure user reaches the goal in minimum steps and time. Asking too much questions or adding unnecessary steps makes users confuse and leave.

Track everything and do your research

After you have launched your product, it’s not over. You have to keep tracking how people are using it and find different ways to get even better experiences. And you have to make sure to include them in the next updates. A/B testing is the best way to track user experience. A/B testing means user group (A) get this thing while group (B) get other thing. By this, you can track how users are responding to the changes and if changes are worth it. But this kind of tracking you knows how things are going on your site or app.

These are the tips I want to share with you for creating designs for better UX. Discuss in the comment below if you want to add something on your own. Have a nice day.

Win Nu

I work for Pixellion as the Manager, and manage several other design projects. Nothing Special. Very simple life.

Yangon, Myanmar

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