Tips and Tricks for Successful Social Media Images

Why visual graphic images are more suitable for social media content than normal plain text content? Here’s why.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. The meaning is that if you post a plain text article you have 60,000 times fewer chances to notice than visual content.

It’s sound crazy right? As visual social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are growing faster than everything else, you need to pay more attention to visual graphics. Followings are the facts you need to focus on your social media graphic designs.

Sizes of your images

Each social media platform has its own preferred image sizes. You need to know which social network prefer which size. The most popular social network around the world (and Myanmar) is Facebook. The secure image size for Facebook is 1200 x 628 pix. For Twitter, 1024 x 512 is the best and for Linkedin 800 x 800 is the optimum image size.

Don’t tell if you can show

Whenever possible, use VISUALS to share your message. This includes pictures, images, infographics, videos, graphics, slideshows and animations. Remember, showing is the best way to tell your story.

Create original visual content

You may copy the graphics which you found on Pinterest but original contents are more likely to share on social networks. You have many ways to create your original contents. Quotes, checklists, Tutorials, Infographics, Videos and other visual graphics are the best examples.

Add the words

Images are powerful in sending messages. But the message can be difficult to know if the image or picture is not obvious. I am not telling you to remove words from the equation. A combination is best. Combine your visual contents with the words to showcase what your story is.

Shows faces

Happy people looking directly at the camera are the key. When you look at someone, don't you like it better when that person looks back at you? I do. Putting faces like smiling ones helps you to keep your image attractive and represent the happiness.

Mix it Up

There are many ways to integrate the use of images or visuals in your social media marketing. Don’t just limit your ideas to adding images to Facebook, making a few new videos or pinning images to Pinterest.

Win Nu

I work for Pixellion as the Manager, and manage several other design projects. Nothing Special. Very simple life.

Yangon, Myanmar

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