Popular design trends for 2015

Our experiences of using websites and apps have been changed in the past several years. And that’s why designers can’t use design like in back 90’s in this modern age. In my article here, I collected the top design trends should be used in year 2015.

Line Icons and Ghost Buttons

After introduction of iOS 7, line icons and ghost buttons become popular trends in website and app design. The advantages of these trends are that design is clean, sleek and adorable. Many designers adopt these trends in their designs so those will be more and more popular in 2015.

Flat or Material Design

Google started to roll out the material design for websites and websites look the same with android apps more and more. Material design is clean and beautiful and a very effective way to speak to users through the colors. Flat design trend has also been used in iOS7; it is also a clean and nice design. These 2 trends will become more popular in 2015.

Full Screen Background Images & Videos

The easiest thing to attract the visitors of your website could be full screen background image or video. Due to the slow internet connection speed in our country, Myanmar, videos may face difficulties and slow to load but images are a great chance to tell your story.

Typography and Minimal design

A great typography has no doubt can attract the users’ eyes. We all have seen the website or designs created with bad typography and we hate them, right? A perfect mixing of great typographies and minimal designs become a major trend and will be more popular on 2015.

Grid Layout and Micro interactions

Grid layouts become a popular choice for the designers. A grid layout created with golden ratio is so modernize and make every visitors or viewers satisfied. Micro interactions mean the small animations that moving icons when user clicks or hover on a button or something like that. These will also become a popular trend for the design especially in web design.

Win Nu

I work for Pixellion as the Manager, and manage several other design projects. Nothing Special. Very simple life.

Yangon, Myanmar

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