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Nowadays, the way we approach and do business is changing because of technology. After the invention of the internet near the end of the 20th century, people are connecting each other easier than ever despite the distance and time zones. Eventually, this leads to the age of social networks.

These days, most people can’t live without their mobile phones and internet to constantly fit in the world of social networks. To post a status update and/or new selfie in Facebook or to post a new tweet in twitter or a new Usie with your friends (Group selfie) in instagram and snapchat, people are craving to find a cellular network or Wi-Fi hotspot all the time. According to the fact that our country’s e-commerce is also improving, people are selling and buying daily used items via the social networks. This’s where marketers come in! The way we persuade consumers to buy our products is also getting to the next phase because of social networks.

We have to admit something though. People hate ads. According to some facts, 47% of online consumers use ad blockers to block pop-ups and annoying ads showing up in front of their eyes (literally). When you are a marketer and you invest most of your time and budgets in online ads but your target audience didn’t want to see them, I guess this isn’t a good day for you! What should we do for this problem? The most effective solution will be influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which brands put their attention on specific key figures such as celebrities and social influencers instead of targeting the whole market.

It approaches the individuals such as niche thought leaders who have certain amount of emotional influence over potential buyers and try to cooperate with them in order to raise brand awareness and sales. The social influencers help brands by mentioning these brands in their unique stories to attract their audience furthermore. To be blunt, influencer marketing is about sharing the social influencers’ audience with brands and sharing the brands’ audience with these influencers. It’s “win-win” situation, sort of.

Why influencer marketing? Why did brands want to invest their marketing budgets in influencer marketing? Why did businesses become interested in social influencers with vast amount of followers? Because what they’ll get in return is precisely targeted exposure to the respective land of consumers which will later help them to reach their sales target. 

It’s also possible that one of the reasons behind the influencer marketing’s popularity would be the downfall of TV commercials.

Most people lived in the age of TV commercials and they have to deal with colorful TV commercials depicted by attractive models and celebrities whenever they took their leisure time in front of a TV. Every TV commercials claim that their products really live up to their reputation and they all are better than their competitors in the competitive game of consumer products. But in the consumer’s point of view, can these commercials keep their promises when it comes to the real world. Can these products satisfy consumers until they reach their full potentials like they promised in the TV commercials? Answers might be different according to the different personal experiences. But one thing is for sure. People won’t fall for TV commercials that easily anymore. 

Influencer marketing bring certain solutions for this situation. Did you notice some social influencers whom you put in your “see first” list to follow up and give your “thumb-ups” in your social circles? When you browse YouTube, did you follow some cool guys depicting unboxing videos of new apple products or predictions of who might die in the new season of “Game of Thrones” and notice that they also got crazy amount of followers? Did you encounter some online celebrities who got great amount of retweets on twitter? I can pretty guess that you did! As the world shifted to the world of social media, consumers look at their fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decision. Instead of looking at ads, they look at one another and favorite personalities such as their idols.

People these days believe social influencers better than product ads because of their earned reputation. They trust to use the products the social influencers mentioned or publicly showed that they are currently using. Referrals are everything in the world of influencer marketing. You might notice that people are suddenly interested to wear baggy jeans like crazy and you might wonder why. Later, you found out that social influencers and celebrities showed up in social media platforms by wearing baggy jeans and their follower become crazy in wearing baggy jeans. Though that is just an example, you might see similar cases in the connected world of social media.

Influencer marketing itself is just the tip of the ice berg. Truly happening out there is a broader shift as more and more people are discovering the art of personal branding. They seek to get more likes and followers in Facebook by researching what people really want to read or see and crafting quality contents on their social profiles. Their target is to become the social influencer themselves.

When you have a personal brand and when you have an audience and people see you as a thought leader in your specific niche or market, you have something brands are craving to get: people’s attention. 

The only risk in influencer marketing is that they sell out and became a product pusher. Like the story about two salespeople competing in a candy and chocolate competition. One salesman use the basic sales tactic. He tells his audience about the benefits of candy and chocolate and try to sell. The other salesman leave the traditional sales methods and use influence and persuasion to sell the products.

Who do you think win the competition? I will leave this to your discretion. 

But, best influencers in social influencer industry do their jobs right without missing a beat! They craft their unique stories and blend branded campaigns into them carefully. They treat their audience with uttermost care because they realize the fact that their audiences are easily changeable and can leave any time as soon as they are dissatisfied. 

So, as we already might came to a conclusion, influencer marketing is the big next thing in advertising. It opens up a new channel for brands to communicate with their consumers more directly, organically and at great scale. By creating branded content with social media influencers, brands can amplify their message to the targeted audience. How long this social media influencers trend gonna last is what we have to wait and see. 

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