How to work with your graphic designer?

We know it’s hard to understand the mind of an artist. Here is a friendly guide on how to work and play nice together.

Before getting start, you will need patience and passion for your business. Design creation needs time and effort so you will need to give us enough time.

Tell us what you want

These are some of the questions you should answer to help guide your graphic designer in the right direction to create the product that’s right for you and your business.

Describe your company. The more we know, the better we can represent your company.

What’s your purpose of the website or other marketing material? What services are you offering? Does it sell products, provide information, or provide other services? Keep in mind who your target customers are.

When are your start date and the completion date? Knowing this at the beginning will make the whole process go smoother, as well as ensure that the project gets completed on time.

What’s your budget? Knowing what your budget will help figure out what direction the project can go, and how far you can go with your marketing and design. An example would be $500 - $1000 or $5000 - $10000.

What do you like already? Is there a website, logo, or another company that you like the look or branding of? Let your designer know so that they can better create the look or product you want. At least, 3 examples would be helpful.


What is a proof? Proofing is when the client checks the project to make sure there are no errors. Nothing is worse than going to print and there are tons of errors; what if a phone number or address is incorrect?

  • Proofing is extremely important. Look out for these top offenses:
  • Spelling errors
  • Wrong phone numbers or addresses
  • Grammar errors

Note that even if the designer made a mistake, as long as the client approved the design, the responsibility is on you.

You have to understand that the designer looks at the design for hours or even days, so they don’t always catch what a fresh pair of eyes may see at a first glance.

Why graphic design is important for your business?

Build trust with your customers Customers tend to choose brands they are familiar with when under pressure to make a choice. Strong branding builds trust.

Direct mail brings results. Direct mail can increase results to 300 – 500%. Direct mail helps you concentrate and reach out to your target customers.

Connect Emotionally. 75% of buying decisions are based on emotion.

Win Nu

I work for Pixellion as the Manager, and manage several other design projects. Nothing Special. Very simple life.

Yangon, Myanmar

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