How to get a career in a graphic design firm

Are you thinking about get a career in a graphic design firm, like Pixellion? Don’t know where to start, which skills do you need or what are design firms like us looking for? Here I want to share with you what skills you will need to join a design firm.

Join the internship program

One of the best ways to join a graphic design firm is joining as an intern especially if you don’t have any experience. It’s more suitable for students and fresh graduate. You will get experiences about how organizations are run, how people manage the daily process and finish projects in time.

Connect with influencers through social networks
Thanks to social media, we can now easily connect with influencers around the globe. By connecting and meeting with them, you can get their ideas, experiences and advices, and even job offers when you have the proper skillset to join with them.

Create an online portfolio

Creating an online portfolio is one of the best ways you can showcase your skills. It’s not enough you have a twitter or facebook account. Create your own blog or website or upload your works to online portfolio services like Dribbble.

Participate in events like hackathon

Another best way to showcase your skills is participating in events and competitions like hackathons, design competitions, and public events. You can create awesome designs in the event and create your own reputation. It also has chances to attract creative directors to choose you to join their team.

You will also need the following skills and mindset to join a graphic design firm.

Be Creative

We do graphic design and we are looking for creative people to join us. Obviously. Graphic designers need to be creative to solve the problems, to handle the customer complaints and to make the design stands out in the crowd. For most agencies, creativity means going beyond technical skills and producing wholly original work. You will need to have not only knowledge of the tools you are using but also a creative mindset.

Team work and Communication

Good team work is what every successful company needs. You can’t finish projects on time without having a great team to deal with the projects. Good communication’s also needed to listen what the client really need and to explain what you need to finish the projects.

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Good Attitude

People with good attitude can create everything. You can learn how to be creative, how to use the tools, how to run the whole organization, but to have a good attitude, is difficult to learn. If you have not only the skills but also a good attitude, you are nearly perfect to join the company you want.

Zaw Min Tin

A Creative Designer by nature and an IronMan maniac. Founded Pixellion Creative with a team of quality designs to create awesome UI/UX designs.

Yangon, Myanmar

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