How to become successful designer in 2016?

2015 is the year where graphic designers rise again. A lot of websites and apps launched in 2015 and UI and UX designers become one of the essential ingredients of the success. Election is successfully held in Myanmar and 2016 will be a huge year with the foreign businesses who are preparing to enter one of the fastest developing markets in the world. When they enter, graphic designers will also experience the busiest year like other services. So what you should prepare to be successful in 2016? What you will need to learn and prepare? Here are my suggestions.

Remember to be excellent

You should try to do your work excellent. More demands mean more opportunities and it’s also means more competitive. You should focus on every work to be the best ones and businesses will come back to you or they will refer you to their friends.

Share your work

80% of the sale process is showing up. You are really good at creating designs but if no one see or know it, you are nothing. Try to show your work in every possible way. Create social media accounts and post your works regularly. Enter the competitions often and make an online and offline portfolio.

Don’t still in your comfort zone

Comfort zone is a trap. It draws you back from success. Don’t lost in the TV shows and waste your time. Always try to improve your skills and open your eyes and wait for the opportunities.

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Seek experiences as much as you can

Join the graphic designer networks and forums and hang out with the fellow designers. Listen to their experiences and share yours. Not only your own experiences but also the ones you get from the influencers in your industry are useful for you.

Get close to the clients

Listen to your clients carefully and try to know what they want. Less talk and listen more. And also try to hang out with the major clients often. By that you can learn not only what they want from you but also the nature of their industries and you will know how to deal with the other clients of the same industries.

Keep up your passion

Passion drives you well. You will be so bored and your skills won’t improve if you don’t follow your passion. If creating designs is your passion, keep it up and you will become success.

Do what you enjoy

If you enjoy creating online graphics, don’t go to the UI field. If you love drawing illustrations, don’t try to move to web design works. Just do what you enjoy, what you love and your works will be excellent.


I work for Pixellion as UI/UX designer.

Yangon, Myanmar

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