How to be productive and creative at the same time

As a creative designer, you will need to focus important task to complete your project in time. But what if you also want to be productive and creative at the same time? Here are my tips for you.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts can save your time a little bit in your busy day. You don’t always need to use your mouse whenever you want to create a new document or save your project. Some shortcuts can even perform more tasks like choosing your tool or browsing through your chrome browser. Here are some shortcuts which might useful for you.

In Photoshop

C = Crop Tool M = Marquee Tool
P = Pen Tool
S = Clone Stamp Tool
T = Type Tool
Z = Zoom Tool

You can google for more keyboard shortcuts for your daily use.

Make your standard file system

You can standardize your file and folder names for easy review and better cooperating with your team. “Final.jpg” or “Review21.png” isn’t so great.

Start a habit of making lists

Next time you start a project, take 10 minutes to write down the task you need to finish the project. And whenever you complete a task, cross it from the list or mark as finish. This may not only help you not to confuse with the task what you have to do with what you have already done but also keep your motivation high.

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Pre-create grid templates

Some projects especially web projects can be created on the same grid system. You can pre-create your grid templates so that you can use them as a starting point for the next project.

Use Smart Objects

Smart objects are life savers. You can use them on projects which need to be consistent. They can help you in creating web elements such as buttons so that you don’t need to waste your time by creating (or copying) again and again.

These are my tips for you to increase your productive and maintain your creativity at the same time. Feel free to add yours in the comment.

Zaw Min Tin

A Creative Designer by nature and an IronMan maniac. Founded Pixellion Creative with a team of quality designs to create awesome UI/UX designs.

Yangon, Myanmar

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