How to be more creative as a designer

You need to be creative as a designer. Do you ever have a feeling that “what should I put in here” or “Where to start the next design”. Well, I have been there. Sometimes we run out of ideas and the client is asking more creative design. Creativity is needed whether you are a commercial designer or art designer. Here are a few things to try to improve your creativity.

Start Sketching

You can unlock your creative mind by sketching a lot. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and start sketching whatever you want. It may be an airplane with a couple of wings or a car with four legs, just draw whatever pops up in your mind.

Ask more (irregular) questions

To be creative, you need to approach a problem from different angle. The most creative people don’t settle on a single way to think about a problem. They try different ways and thus they are creative obviously. Try to ask more different questions about the same problem and you will find another creative ways to solve it.

Create a right environment for creativity

You can’t squeeze amazing thoughts while sitting on a boring desk, watching on your boring screen, and surrounded by a bunch of boring people. You need to create a right environment to unlock your creativity. Start moving to different place. Putting plants or creative toys on your desk might help you to think differently.

Start a habit of taking notes

Sometimes, creativity isn’t come from your soul. It comes from memory. Use your smart phone camera to take picture of creative places, things, people or whatever you think worth it on your way back home. Write down every unusual thoughts pop up into your head. Evernote and Google Keep are great ways to keep your notes and pictures safely and organized.

Become a whole-brain thinkers

They said there are two types of people – left-brain thinkers and right-brain thinkers. In other words, some people love logic, match and theories while some loves art, creativity and imagination. You need to love both to become creative. You need to think logically and create with your imagination. You need to be a whole-brain thinker.
These are just a few ways to improve your creativity. Please share your thoughts in comments.


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