How Design plays important part in your marketing efforts?

As I mentioned in previous articles, today is the information age and people have many ways to absorb information. So, if the marketing campaigns of your business or website design are not standing out, your business may lead to be a sinking ship. There are several reasons why you should focus on visual in your marketing efforts.

Articles with images get 94% more total views.

If you publish an article or link about your business, you should add well created visual images in it. Using images in articles can give a boost to that content’s page views. But according to data from Skyword, certain content categories benefit more from having images than others.

Top categories where images boost performance are news content, political content and sports content.

If you add a photo or video into your press release, the views increase to 45%.

The more multimedia you include in your press materials, the more views you’re bound to get. That’s according to PR Newswire data that analyzed more than 10,000 press releases.

Local search results are also important. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results.
37% of the consumers are being grabbed their attention by images and give that business more consideration.
23% of the consumers are also being grabbed their attention and they’re more likely to contract a business.

There’s no question high-quality images are key when it comes to selling products online.

More customers value the quality of a product’s image as more important than 63% of product-specific information, 54% long description and 53% ratings and reviews.

Social Media posts also benefits from adding photos. According to an analysis, facebook posts with photos get 37% higher engagement rate than text only pots.

So how you adopt visual in your business?

  1. Hire a great and reliable design firm.
  2. Try to add as many as images in your marketing campaigns and press releases.
  3. If your business relies on social media, like Facebook, make sure to include multimedia in your posts.

Win Nu

I work for Pixellion as the Manager, and manage several other design projects. Nothing Special. Very simple life.

Yangon, Myanmar

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