Design Terms You Should Know to Communicate with the Designers

As a graphic designer, I have to communicate with a lot of small business owners and managers. Not all of them are familiar with information technology. In fact, most of them are not. Sometimes it’s a little hard to communicate with them as they don’t know the technical terms especially design terms. So, here in this article, I want to explain you about the most used terms in design processes and their definitions.


Wireframes are the most basic in the design process. They are just a sketch with the layout. The other elements are not yet include in the wireframes. They are just a basic way to explain you how your design layout will be.


Grids are used in the design process to align consistently and beautifully. There are two kinds of the most popular grid system, 12 grids and 16 grids. The number 12 and 16 are the number of columns which divide the whole design or webpage. By creating designs with the grid system, designers can easily align the elements and it can also help the responsiveness especially in web design.

White Space

The empty area of the design which can help to bring focus on the elements is called white space. It’s not white color every time. It may be other colors but in design term those all are called white space.


Gradient is the fading of one color to another, for example, dark blue to light blue. It’s mostly used to create buttons and focused area.


Typography is the art of creating paragraphs or sentences to get the beautiful look and the most readability. Not all fonts are the same. Every font has their unique look. Typography is choosing and aligning the fonts to get the most out of them.


Resolution is the number of dots per inch. Usually, the bigger the resolution, the better the quality of the image. But the high quality images are large in file size. So, it’s suitable to use 72dpi for the web graphics and 300+ dpi for the print graphics.


CMYK refers to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). CMYK is usually used in the print graphics. RGB refers to Red, Green and Blue. RGB is more suitable for web graphics.

UI and UX

UI refers to user interface. UI is everything you see while using a website or mobile app. UX means user experience. UX is not like UI. UX is how you are using while you are using a website or mobile app. In my opinion, UX is more important than UI. Even UI is very beautiful and lovely, if you have difficulties while using it, you will leave and never come back.

Win Nu

I work for Pixellion as the Manager, and manage several other design projects. Nothing Special. Very simple life.

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