Creativity is not just for artists

Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, writers, and designers. We are all creative, but the folks who are known for it have spent time cultivating it, failing at it, and working at it.

Jason Zook discussed about some ways we can try our self for more creative on one of the articles from The Next Web. I want to share it with you.

Jason said we all are creative but we never know we have the gift. He said the potential is there inside of all of us. You just have to really want it. He suggests we should try the following three ways to be more creative.

“No bad ideas” brainstorming

He named it that way because at first, the brainstorming section starts with no ideas and bad ideas are neglected. Here is the brief explanation.

  • Together with at least one person but not more than with 4 – 6 people.
  • Get a pen and paper, or use a whiteboard if you have one.
  • Write down your ideas for 30 minutes. Don’t worries about the ideas are bad or not suitable or need to improve.
  • Then, spend 15 minutes to rethink and review the ideas. Remove the impossible ones and review again.
  • After that, discuss with your team. Pick the ideas which stand out or suitable to pursue.

You should do this often like an exercise. You will come up with lots of creative ideas. And you will learn to be consistent with your output.

Get outside of your bubble

Jason said we stay in our comfort zone too often. It’s true, sometimes we don’t want to try the challenges and like to stay where we are comfortable. We watch TV programs, we play games, and we hang out with our friends.

But merely going through the motions will never help you become more creative or generate your next amazing idea ~ Jason

He suggests we must put ourselves outside of our comfort zone.
Today, we could easily access to get the inspirations we want. We can find everything on the web for our creative ideas. Search for new ideas and creativities on the web to use in your design, books, music etc.

And you may do the followings to unlock your creative mind.

  • Ask your social media friends, real life friends, and family numbers for the things they use to find or to read on a daily basis for inspiration.

  • You can also read books, especially non-fiction. Spend at least 30 minutes for reading and you will find yourself more creative.

Think about this for a moment: When was the last time you had a great idea, thought, or revelation while you were elbows deep in scrolling through your inbox or newsfeed on Facebook? It just doesn’t happen.

Give yourself the space to create

We are not talking about just the mental space. We are talking about the space that we could use our brain but the other parts of the body don’t need to work. But you don’t have to lock yourself in a cabin in the woods for a week. We just need 10 minutes per day. Or maybe even some meditation.

The most important and final step is to work.

We don’t remember the inventers who have a lot of creative ideas in their heads but not invent a thing. We only remember the inventers who have creative ideas and actually built or created them.

So, give yourself the space, practice, and daily intention to become more creative and watch your ideas come to life.

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