Best Android, iOS and Web Apps for Designers

The way designers creating designs has been changed. As first, we use very big computers and monitors to create designs. After that, there are laptops, notebooks and now there are tablets and mobile phones. Like every other industries, design industry has also been changed by technology. Now, you can easily carry your tablet or mobile device and create amazing designs even while you are travelling around the world. So, I decided to collect useful apps and tools for designers. Some of them are web-based tools, but you still can use with mobile devices.


Met a potential client on the street and you don’t have any offline portfolio or documents to show your work? Behance can make it really easy for you. You just need to go to the website or just open your behance app and you can show your work. Sadly, it’s only available for iphone/ipad but android users can still use the website smoothly.

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Sometimes, you just stack in the middle of your projects and you don’t know what to do next. Mindmapping is a useful way to unlock your creative mind. And Mindnode can help you with that. It’s an ipad/iphone/mac app designed to help you with your mindmapping really easy and traceable.

Paper by Fiftythree

Do you like to start your design works by sketching? Or, an idea pops up in your mind while travelling and want to draw it down immediately? Then Paper by Fiftythree is the really helpful tool for you. It’s an ipad app designed to make the sketching process easier. You can generate perfect sketches on Paper app and you can even share directly with your team.


Pixate makes prototyping easier. You can use pixate for prototyping every type of devices – even wearables. You can also share your projects to the community and to your client directly so that they can test your prototype in real time. The down side is that it’s only available for mac os.

Brief Designer

Creative briefs are important ways to connect the designer and the client. You need to create a stunning creative brief for your client so that you can win the project. Breif Designer can make it really easy for you. It can give your design a context by describing project goals & vision, defining your target audience, finding inspiration and more. It’s a web-based tools but you can also use smoothly on your tablet or smartphone.


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