5 Reasons why your business should focus on design

Information age like today, we have too many things to check, to watch out or to give pay attention. We all have smart phones in our pockets and PCs on our desks. Businesses are consistently trying to get attention from us. Anything we don’t interested is never been easier to be ignored. Therefore, design plays a bigger role in modern business.

We have 5 reasons why your business should focus on design.

  • A bad design will make people put off, less retention, less media craze, and less investors. That will affect your revenue badly. A good one increases sales of your products or services.

  • If your competitors are using better designs, your potential customers may have been attracted by them. You can improve market position relative to your competitors with a good design.

  • Customer complaints also rely on design. A good design has already made your customers be delighted and you can get greater customer loyalty and fewer customer complaints.

  • No doubt that a good design generates a stronger identity for your business.

  • And a good design have the ability to create new products and services and open up new markets and also reduce time to market for new products and services.

So how can you improve your business with better design? Hire a great design firm like Pixellion. I am not kidding. We have a lot of experiences and man power to impress you and to make your design stands out of the crowd.

How you have to prepare before hiring a design firm (like us)?

Be prepared to describe exactly what you would like to accomplish

You don't necessarily have to have a creative vision of the final product, but you do need to be able to describe what you would like to accomplish through the design.

Know your message

Probably the most important thing about design is to deliver your message to the audience. You have to know what your message would be. It may be your campaign’s purpose, your company’s unique value, what makes your company different with other competitors, or all in one.

Your objectives and deadlines

Clearly explaining your purpose and laying out the desired deliverables will make it much easier for the designer to give you exactly what you want. Talk about your budget and your schedule. A design project has many steps, with several iterations -- you should clarify when exactly you want each to be done.

And after that, you can focus on your business, and let us handle the design works for you.

Zaw Min Tin

A Creative Designer by nature and an IronMan maniac. Founded Pixellion Creative with a team of quality designs to create awesome UI/UX designs.

Yangon, Myanmar http://zawmintin.com

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