5 Chrome Extensions For Designers

Whenever you are browsing on the web to find new ideas and inspirations or to check out your competitor’s website design or to download some stock photos for your project, these google chrome extensions gonna help you to save tons of time and effort. Whether you are a web designer or graphic designer, you should install and try these extensions.


This one is one of my favorite extensions. By using WhatFont, now you can know what fonts are using on a webpage. When you see a nice looking website with some cool font faces, all you need to do is click on the WhatFont icon from extensions, and voila! WhatFont can also search for the services used for serving the font. So, it’s really a time saver that you don’t have to inspect the whole webpage and search for the font names.

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Project Naptha

You won’t believe me if I tell you what’s the feature of this extension. Project Naptha is design for (silent) copying text from any image. Yes, from an image! After installing the extension, you can simply select the text on any image you want to copy from and paste it anywhere. I bet this one is your dream feature you wanna use every day.

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Image Downloader

Image Downloader is the useful extension designed to bulk download images from any webpage. It can browse the webpage and detect and list down the images containing in it so that you can download them easily. Also you can search with filters like width, height and URL.

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Page Ruler

Page Ruler is a tool to measure everything on a webpage. You found an inspirational page with great layout and placement of elements, and you want to know the measurements? Just click on the Page Ruler extension’s icon and start drawing a ruler.

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Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is an extension allows you to pick colors from any webpage. Want to know what colors are using in a webpage? You don’t need to inspect the whole webpage. You can use this extension to pick the colors and use them in your own design.

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